Herd Health

A vaccination program alone is not a herd-health program. Successful herd health programs require proper handling and management of issues in the southeast such as limiting mud and animal stress, alongside of carefully integrating disease biology (knowledge which is commonly held by a veterinarian) with production cycle management on the specific operation (knowledge which is generally held by the producer). For example, the vaccine recommendations made by experts almost universally contain the same list of agents and administration timing guidelines. Yet, for what may be good reasons a large portion of cow-calf herds do not follow these recommendations. Vaccines can differ widely in their efficacy, even when used properly, but proper management will always help return profit. The herd health portion of the Total Cattle Solutions Program is an integral part of your overall herd plan and the person most qualified to direct this plan is your own herd health veterinarian. We will be glad to work with your veterinarian in any way possible to improve the overall health of your herd. One of the ways we can help you directly is to provide certain pharmaceuticals and to set up a herd health calendar that is specific to your operation. The calendar is designed as a template for your herd for the entire year. We look at your ideal calving time and build the calendar around this timeframe.

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