The Solution

The Solutions Program consists of the following Pillars of Production:

  1. Genetics & Environment_DSC0098-2
  2. Nutrition
  3. Herd Health
  4. Records
  5. Marketing

When you choose to utilize the full range of our services, we are able to evaluate your herd in its entirety and make improved recommendations based on financial return. Common concerns of herds we have worked with in the past include: not knowing how to make the next improvement, discovering cow-carrying costs, true production capabilities and comparisons of cattle in the herd, cows that do not fit their environment (either external or market environment), excessive calf morbidity, etc.


Although there are recurring trends can be seen, each herd is unique in its strengths and weaknesses. It also needs stated that the solutions provided may not be least cost suggestions because the ultimate desire is to maximize return to management over costs expensed. It is best to view these five components as adjuncts to overall profit.

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