Direct Marketing

There are three options with Total Cattle Solutions direct marketing service:Feed Bunk1

  • Feedlot and grid performance data retrieval – requires purchase of an EID tag

  • Assistance in retained ownership dealings

  • Without data

Total Cattle Solutions can assist you in direct marketing lot loads of cattle to cooperative feedlots. There are a number of ways to utilize this service:

One in particular and the backbone of our marketing efforts is targeted for cow/calf producers that wish to receive performance data on the improvements they are striving to create in their herds. We have relationships with feedlots that want to help southeast cattle producers build better cattle. Some will return data free of charge and others will help get the information to us for additional fees

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. All it takes is a clear discussion and electronic identification tags purchased through Total Cattle Solutions.

If you have purchased quality cattle through local markets and need assistance in improving the marketing of your efforts, we can also help in that regard.

Finally, for all of our potential marketing customers, we can go through breakeven calculations on your cattle, and what a potential return analysis could be for alternative marketing methods such as partnering with a feedlot or retained ownership. We understand those methods are atypical to many producers and we will work diligently with you before any decisions are made.


If you have questions or would like to place an order, please contact us at (931) 996-2253 or