Record Keeping

There are many reasons why beef producers should keep good records.The list starts with the fact that records are a management tool that adds value to your calf crop. Accurate records are also helpful in tax reporting, obtaining credit and yes, even traceability and disease investigation if it comes to that. Producers need to realize that the most important reason for record keeping is good management not government mandates. Maybe now is a good time to start so improvements can be seen in profitablity.


A record keeping system allows producers to measure production practices for better overall management. To assess how well a management change works, all areas of the operation need to be monitored. For example, weaning weights can be increased by purchasing a bull with high expected progeny difference (EPD) for weaning weight. However, if the operation experiences increased calving difficulties and lower pregnancy rates, the decision probably wasn’t very profitable. Producers must record all events before and after the implementation of management strategies in order to determine the full effect.


To gain the most information for overall management, a record keeping system should include financial records and not only production performance. Also, a profile for the natural resource parameters available on the operation should be kept along sode the animal production and health data. These records allow the producer to evaluate how production, profitability and carrying capacity of the operation are interrelated

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. For example, a cost cutting strategy that decreases harvested feed use may decrease calf production and harm pasture production. The only way to recognize some of these interactions is to have consecutive measurement for the comparison.


There are downloadable files available regarding this topic on our resources page. If you have questions or would like to have a further discussion on how our record system could benefit your operation, please contact us at (931) 996-2253 or