Bulk Feed and Mineral Products

Bulk Feeds

Feed costs are at an all-time high yet many producers still operate as they did a decade ago. At Total Cattle Solutions we offer feed products as a way to help our customers navigate the alternatives to fit the goals of their operation.

Forage is your greatest resource. Cattle can survive on a diet consisting exclusively of grass or hay. However, variability of forage quality due to environmental changes (rainfall, soil profile, temperature, etc.) and the changing growth stages of the forages can result in forage deficiencies. This results in a lack of consistent nutrition delivered to the animal. Our first step in implementing and maintaining an efficient supplementation program for grazing cattle is to identify specific supplementation requirements. Said in another way, we’ll help identify specific forage constraints in order to supplement in the most efficient manner. The following steps provide a logical approach in identifying needs and evaluating alternatives.

    • Determine the nutrient requirements for the appropriate stage of production.

    • Estimate the amount of nutrients cows will receive from forage.

    • Subtract item #1 from item #2 to determine if a nutrient deficiency or excess exists.

    • Evaluate cost-effective supplement alternatives.

Mineral Products

Most cattle producers know that it’s important to feed their cattle a well-balanced mineral supplement but may not know the reasoning behind it

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. Cattle with mineral shortages or imbalances perform poorly in reproduction, lactation, weight gains, body condition, etc. – all key factors that affect profitability. But most mineral deficiencies are sub-clinical (aren’t readily noticeable) on many operations. Without analyzing records year to year it’s hard to identify a gradual decline in cattle performance.

Yes, buying poor-quality minerals can save money in the short term but will also result in fewer calves, lower weaning weights, and other metabolic problems.

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