Total Cattle Solutions, LLC

Total Cattle Solutions, LLC (TCS) was formed with one simple goal in mind: to help producers build exceptional beef cattle the most profitable way possible.

Our company consists of two main divisions.

The first, lies within the Total Cattle Solutions Program. It has been designed to assist beef producers to improve overall herd quality and add to their bottom line. We do this by helping producers develop a systems approach to the management of their operations. You can learn more about the details of the program and how it would work for you on the navigation bar.

Secondly, the product supply division has been added to provide producers with practically researched options for their production needs. Navigating the choices can be difficult. The cattle industry is rapidly evolving and alongside it are the scientific advancements necessary to stay competitive and have cattle perform at their optimal levels. By working with selected companies, supplying products and following many cattle through the entire beef production chain, TCS has a unique position to evaluate the overall effect to your operation of everything we provide.

We also understand it takes time to earn your business and we want to become a reliable, long-term resource to your operation. This is one reason why we have chosen to offer a collection of services that you can select from to enhance your bottom line. If you give us an opportunity to work with you in any capacity, over time you will see us as a trusted source for solutions to the issues that will arise on your operation.